Most of our cleanups consist of two cleanings. The first cleanup would come before the flooring subs come into the property to install the floor covering. The first cleaning would consist of scraping the sheetrock mud off of the flooring and to remove any debris and dust from areas throughout the property.
The second cleaning would come after the flooring has been completed. The second cleaning would consist of the following job tasks.
>> Removal of all dust and debris from all areas of the house or office, cleaning of all windows inside and out, cleaning out all cabinets or drawers, removal of all left behind paint chips on flooring, cleaning of all ceiling fans thoroughly, cleaning of baseboards, cleaning of all appliances inside and out, cleaning of light fixtures, countertops, window sills, removal of all stickers from appliances or windows, toilets, bathtubs, garden tubs, showers, cabinets, tile flooring, hardwood flooring, kitchen areas, vacuuming, exhaust fans, window frames, chair rails, sweeping, mopping, & removal of all trash or left over materials from property.>>
HOMEOWNERS if you just purchased a new home and are in need of a cleanup before moving in, we do offer a one time cleaning for your purpose. We will be glad to come look at your property. We offer FREE estimates. You may Contact Us for a free quote.
New Construction or Remodels: